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Jing'an Ziyuan Apartment Shanghai the geographical position is superior, is apart from the hot new landmark, the bund and nanjing road pedestrian street, etc are all less than 5 km away.Shanghai jing an aster hotel rooms spacious and bright, all equipped with free wireless Internet connection, small kitchen, washing machine and sofa, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, microwave oven, tea and coffee facilities...[View Detail]

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  • alcatel
    Very good hotel very good hotel very good hotel
  • lujia_0817
    Nice, the location is central, the price is very good
  • aimeeni
    Very good hotel, well suited to team travel
  • e01891993
    Feel like home, it is a bit hard to find, upstairs need to contact each other to pick you up. overall is good
  • judy11
    Quiet, cost-effective
  • E01247547
    Toilet leaking roofs are a few mean? making one's flesh creep
  • angela_jyw
    Nice, nice, Shanghai resident office.
  • babu228
    United States Consulate in special elections in this House, is very convenient. If there is food better. recommended.
  • bogeda
    Are very good, recommended
  • goldcjr
    Slightly older
  • jewelen
    Nice hotel, is a hotel-style apartments, located at 12/f, a room at the front desk, to the need to phone the front desk to pick up, lift needed credit card use, is still relatively safe. hardware well, price is a little expensive!
  • elle_123
    Clean and neat Aparthotel! OK.
  • cang0207
    Location close to the city center, convenient, close to Metro, the environment elegant, shopping and dining options around special, select a particularly high ratio of hotels ~~~~~~~
  • e00287238
    Facilities is quite complete, and where to find, quite good
  • ariel_wong
    Recommended by the friends of Hong Kong well in location room next to
  • luoying911
    As short-term travel, feel this hotel type apartments of practical does not strong, some room has open, some in decoration in the, so both no return home of warm, also no general hotel of service. away from Metro station also is has a distance, walk or taxi are some embarrassing, around eat of place didn't found, is said to have is some. recommends hotel provides some human of service, like smile, food to guidelines, waiter of greeting. anyway I staying two late saw to a relative silenceCashiers and waiters. address to find the hotel guests can be overcome, because the new health and facilities also available.
  • Manred
    Convenient hotel in a good location, very quiet, reasonably priced.
  • ccm1234
    High performance-price ratio
  • topart555
    Do don't live, than shortcut also to poor, air conditioning refrigeration slow, sofa Shang many black bug. room smelly of nausea. in Shanghai live of worst of has. husband body was bite has more than 10 a package, network a will has a will no of. TV network also bad has, front desk and service is a what are not understand of small girl, called she came attitude special poor, they see, summer also put I air conditioning lane into business hot, too angry has. last Manager to has, problem also solution can't. everyone do don't to. toRegret. pictures is the front desk, front desk, 11/f, is a small room. to work alone, without any service whatsoever.
  • e03900277
    All right
  • aweismu
    The price of the hotel apartment is satisfied!
  • cindyyunli
    Good location, convenient transportation, the environment is good, room is big and convenient metro station, close to the Bund. cost-effective, next time you book and recommend it to a friend.
  • alina7889
    The room is quite big, what facilities is not new, but can also be. no noise during the night, I slept better, the service is also very good.
  • aimes
    Bed and breakfast is perfect for a family holiday, rooms clean and tidy. apartment elevator card, and therefore the occupancy need to call apartment managers down. While some inconveniences, but is more secure.
  • bbs.mlboy.com
    In real terms for community dwelling. feels like home, but some up with wallpaper, no maintenance, feel a bit incredible. location, OK. but looking for taxis is not so easy, Oh
  • oscarmail
    Zhiqian family to live had once, feel is good. so again to Shanghai into has preferred, but this of room smell cupola, later understand to kitchen sewer problem, has never no lane than, due to smell, led to has many mosquito. and wall some mottled. temporary agreed replaced two a standard between, prepared moved, and was told cannot moved. put whole trip made exhausted. Manager compared young, hope can from customer and himself of long-term planning more consider about
  • collinlee
    United States Consulate is very convenient!
  • Bruce Ye
    Every time I go to Nanjing West Road Act required hotels, nice
  • jing28
    Nanjing West Road Hotel is about 10 minutes ' walk from a metro station, the hotel has laundry facilities, Sai clothing is also very convenient, is to provide toothbrush is too bad
  • tangrun
    Convenient environment is also quite nice
  • yaxin123oo
    Hotels in Nice, kitchen appliances and facilities are perfect
  • Narrandera
    Environmental facilities
  • leo8404
    Is perfect for family living
  • e02475368
    Most bad of once stay! hotel apartments no himself of lobby, also to call to they let people to received, and, has is long! first to has 11 floor they Office registration,, people with to door is is long-check out has two a staff of claims are inconsistent-a a said put key to took down, a said call they will to, results 11 floor also cannot to, to to garbage room there of elevator down, but fundamental into not to, door are is bad of! directly fire pumping to a floor, playingPhones let people carry.
  • balletwell
    Convenience, comfort, safety
  • e00003269
    Hotel Kerry Center of Wujiang Road, good location very close to the Nanjing Road walking to
  • xeenel
    Upgrade to a one-room Office, staying for 3 days, happy, family fun is recommended.
  • jiange49
  • juejue
  • adianpan
  • ajessica89
    The apartment location is very good, convenient, room more complete, cost-effective. deficiency is bedding is too old, more garbage on the ground below the wardrobe, suitable for families.
  • airforceli
    Feel is perfect for home, lovely Hotel! convenient
  • gg2011
    Nice hotel, great for long term stays, there are washing machines can also do breakfast
  • ananpp
    Hotel cancellation of do not say to the door know. but great businesses immediately arrange a room, overall it is very satisfied with the
  • irisni
    All right
  • catcd
    Really good, if the reception is on the first floor would be better
  • junfelix
    That's good
  • baobaolose
    USA sign nearby, price OK
  • temmy
    Okay, mainly outside the United States Consulate nearby, in an upscale community, so it is not too hard to find.
    Good location, easy to drink around and the rooms were very good